Five Convienent Conference Rooms on Oahu

1. Kailua
2.East Oahu (Aina Hina, Kahala)
Pearl Ridge, Aiea
Waipahu, Kunia
Kakaako, Kapiolani

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Answers to Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. Why should I have a will?

    If you don’t have a will, then the Government will decide where your money goes, and usually not where you would choose.


  2. Why should I have a revocable trust?

    a. A trust will give you great peace of mind that you and your loved ones and your favorite charities will be taken care of the way you want.

    b. Also, if you have a trust, then your estate will be kept confidential and not a matter of public record in court.  You can avoid court and legal fees which could possibly run several thousands of dollars.

    c. A trust avoids legal battles which can easily run over $100,000.  A trust is a great way to minimize the risk of the family fighting with one another and causing a split in the family.

    d. With a trust you can avoid losing a large portion of your estate in taxes.

    e. With a trust, you can pick now the people who you trust to be your trustees later to help you when you need it the most.

    f. With a trust, you can pick the most loving and caring person as your Successor Trustee to take care of your health, living and financial matters.  If you don’t chose them now then later you will get the most agressive person, not the most caring to handle you and your affairs.


  3. I have a trust that is older than January 1, 2013, is that okay?

    Probably not, because the federal tax law was dramatically changed on January 1, 2013.  With a new Trust, you could save huge amounts in capital gains and other taxes.  We have seen Clients saving $200,000 and more depending on the value of their house, their investments and bank acounts.

    For a small investment in your estate planning with a Trust, you will be able to pass on considerably more assets to your loved ones.  The “Rate of Return” on this money invested in a new Trust will probably be the greatest return of any investment you have made for yourself and your loved ones.

    The State of Hawaii changed the “Tenants by the Entirety” law in 2012 which allows you to now be able to have your home and other assets in Tenants by the Entirety in the Trust where the creditors of one spouse cannot take away the home and other assets.  This is an incredibly low priced and valuable insurance for your assets.


  4. Do I have more control with a Trust?

    Yes, you have a lot more control now and in the future.  Everything is controlled by your signature and your Trust Documents.  When you set up your Trust Documents you can pick the people you want to look out for your best interests according to your plans for your care, living conditions, finances and your loved one’s future.


  5. Why do I need an up-to-date Advance Health Care Directive?

    The State of Hawaii passed another new law setting out the form for you to decide your health care in advance and give the authority to the people you choose now to help you when you need them the most.


  6. Why do I need a Power of Attorney?

    To have the right people take care of financial matters when you are unable to do so.


  7. Will I benefit financially and will my heirs benefit?

    Yes, money will not be wasted on unnecessary court costs, guardians, attorneys and taxes.  Your investments can be handled by your trusted loved ones and the profesionals that you choose.

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